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Lightbulb Winging it!

Can't lie, I try and keep combat to a minimum and when I do run it, can't lie I kinda wing it, but with minis.

Keeping with that idea, it gonna be the more abstract one and it will have more crappy diagrams sketched up on the iPad for everyone to know where they are, where cover and/or concealment is, where the badguys are, stuff like that. Oh and of course range. I tend toward a narrativist method in combat.

Now weapons wise, can't lie I'm kinda terrible at them so that's gonna need a minute whilst I peruse the rules again. And I think check Greg's Cirque campaign since pretty sure we had a discussion about stunners, so I think it has some T5 stunners.

Off the top of my head:

Hunter Joe's Arms Emporium - Non-Lethal - Stunners.
  • Items & Prices: They'll run from a cheap ass taser box, ie the handheld stun gun of the 80s for around Cr 50 to high end, multi-shot, wired tasers for around Cr 150-200. Cr 500 gets you the sonic stunner (S-stunner), or for the big spender a neural stunner (N-stunner) and not an electric one for Cr 1000.
  • Replacements (Consumables): Batteries or wires/darts scale in price similarly with a battery for the stun gun running Cr 5, a battery and replacement wire/dart sets at Cr 17 for the taser, a battery at Cr 50 for the sonic stunner, and Cr 135 for the neurostunner.
  • Mass: Ranges around 0.2 Kg for the stungun, 0.35 Kg for the taser, and 0.5 Kg for the S-stunner, and 0.57 Kg for the N-stunner.
  • Holsters & Rigs: Holsters and rigs go from cheap nylon ballistic cloth to hand tooled leather, prices range from Cr 25 to Cr 750.
  • Damage: stungun 2D (Pain/stun), taser 1D Pen (darts)/2D (Pain/stun), sonic stunner 4D (Sound/stun). and neurostunner 5D (Neuro*/stun).
  • Rentals: Cr 5/day for the stungun, Cr 12/day for the taser, Cr 20/day for the sonic stunner. Deposit of Cr 100 which includes warranty (standard use and wear) and is refunded minus rental fees upon turn-in of the rental item. Neurostunners are not available for rental.

EDIT: * Neurostunners hit Int and Dex with prolonged damage possibly affecting Edu. Basically it slows active thought and disrupts the neurological system (Int) which results in loss of motor control (hence the Dex hits).

FURTHER EDITS: Okay, I hit my copy of the T5 rules and it looks like Electric does straight up Hits and not Stun. On the other hand there is the Pain category which does, as does Magnetic (though that seems more toward machine life), Stench, and Sound.

Just off the top of my head. But this should give you a baseline.
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