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Question What Combat System, Weapons, etc?

I was going to write up some gear and weapons, such as those various kinds of stunners we might be buying soon. I thought I would either find some useable examples or at least something close in the T5 book, and if it was only close but not quite right I'd happily modify it as I thought necessary and submit for approval by Magnus. Then I got into my T5 PDF for the first time in several years and found... problems.

First off, I pushed my headache level up to 9 trying to comprehend the T5 combat system. I had to quit for the night, but the next day tried looking for help here on CotI and found, well, lets be kind and just say a variety of opinions, including that T5 has two combat systems so you can choose how detailed you want, or two systems but only one is actually workable, or no workable combat system at all.

So, Magnus, I know we're supposed to be playing T5 here, but could you please advise what personal combat system we are actually gonna be using? And maybe give examples of a few weapons, like maybe those "stunners": wire-dart taser, contact "electric shaver", and neurostunner pistol?

And are we supposed to use the pricing of example equipment from T5 to guesstimate prices if converting other items of equipment not listed, or the Thingmaker?

Whew! [wipes forehead]
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