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Originally Posted by Supplement Four View Post
Reason number 452 why I can't stand the 2d20 system.
There are a couple good ideas in STA that are exportable - and I expect them to make it into Dune if Dune is 2d20...
  1. secondary characters. If your main character cannot participate in a given scene, one of the named extras becomes yours. If no named extras, name one and use them. (in the above debacle, both players were playing previously unnamed extras due to having run out of established named extras)
  2. the momentum system. It's a great idea. It just doesn't work well with the complication system.
  3. The traits/discipline interactions.
  4. ships: have stats used in ship combat with the relevant character's Discipline (=skill); ship's crews have default skill levels for use when a PC/named extra isn't doing it.
  5. players always roll for named extras.
The secondary characters/named extras are not a novel concept; they are unusual but my first encounter with such a system was in Ars Magica in 1989.

Fixing the complication system is easy. give the player 2 personal momentum (outside the max 6 group pool, must use personal before group) or half a determination point for taking the complication or pay 2 for no complication. And, if the GM spends threat on stuff that momentum cannot, he puts it into the group momentum... Solves the fundamental flaws.

The traits and discipline system works just fine - nerf yourself with the traid to gain determination points, use a relevant one with a determination to reroll or autosucceed...
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