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Originally Posted by mike wightman View Post
If players cheat at their dice throws show them the door - I am the only one allowed to fudge rolls at my table
Catching them often requires a level of paranoia about rolls that is uncomfortable.
Originally Posted by mike wightman View Post
More seriously I have found the cycle Aramis describes models the original series pretty well.

Kirk and his senior officers vital to the running of the ship beam down to the planet of the week. They get in deep over their heads. They eventually succeed against the adversity.
I've been watching a lot of digitally remastered original series recently
My players were, on several occasions, NOT able to recover. I had a Threat pile of over 20 unspent, the threat rating was increased to the maximum 16-20, they had spent all their determination more than once... (which, yes, means they'd all gotten refills on Determination from use of values...) and were unable to recover and finish the missions within the character-time set by the adventure (and this happened on official adventures - my own don't use timers as an autofail at completion).

Failure being an option is not a bad thing. Failure being determined by the first 20 minutes of a 240 minute session due to bad rolls...

Thing is the threat snowball. PC momentum is a shared resource, capped at 6.

NPC's use threat as momentum. If PC's don't have momentum, they can instead give the GM threat.

It's not the "get in deep and dig out" but "dig in so far that the walls cave in upon you."

In the adventure where they're aiding a klingon colony... Doomed to Repeat the Past

3 players. Thus 3 starting threat. The first roll, a Target number 2 - just to be safe, they bought 3 dice (3 threat gained) then the roll was {4, 16, 16, 19, 20} with a skill+Discipline of 15. So, failure, and a spend of threat. They took a complication — Player suggested — of data corruption. All further rolls on the challenge are now difficulty 3. Next player, with a total asset of 14, but in specialty (giving him thus double success on a ≤4), spent 3 more threat in an attempt kickstart the momentum cycle.... and got {2, 15, 16, 20, 20} - 4 more threat, which became a "Transmissible to Humans" trait - and a +1 threat range for duration, and 2 more threat...

They had me over 10 in the first two rolls, and had blown 2 hours already....
A combination of bad rolls, and me only spending threat for NPC momentum and when they rolled a complication, by the end, they were out of time, infected, the klingons were vaporizing their colony, the research vessel was also infected, and Engineering and the Bridge were on their separate life support to limp the ship back to Narenda Station. Both PC's dead, by the way. From the virus.
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