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Originally Posted by kilemall View Post
My STA ship crew nails it like a show, we are pretty much aceing the game. But I think the mechanics are overly complex and precise, I keep wishing I could have easier die roll generation.
My STA Group liked my adventures, but found the system rewarding dice-cheating.

Fundamentally, the issues I have with 2d20 are these:
  1. Announcing a nat-20 is not in the player's interests in any way, so many are tempted not to.
  2. GM's threat is a public value, and is not capped
  3. Early GM threat can lead to situations where the players are in the hole, the threat trigger is down to 16, and the GM can justify nerfing the * out of player by threat spends, thus resulting in NPC successes and PC failures in a snowball effect.
  4. Threat presumes an adversarial GM being reigned in by it, and a meek GM being emboldened. Since I am neither, I simply found it cumbersome. I doubt it will reign in an adversarial GM at all, and meek GM's tend to be few and far between. Meekness is almost antithetic to GMing.
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