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Default An Alphabet of Ships

Average Cargo Ship class cargo ship
Barrister class patrol frigate
Comet Coffin class low transport
Dimin class pocket cruiser
Express Rock class mail drone
Fuelbag class fuel depot drone
Ghost Galleon class cargo ship
Hummingbird class courier
Icepick class fuel/ice harvesting drone
Jewel Wasp class corsair
Keyhole class observatory ship
Legionary class corvette
Mint class mining drone
Nisina class escort carrier
Ortillerist class torpedo ship
Planetoid Hauler class cargo ship
Quarter Hammer class construction drone
Runabout class small transport
System Defense Brick class defense drone
Torch class system defense boat
Underfighter class submersible fighter
Void Camera class scout
Worldbooker class survey ship
Xihuitl class person ship
Yinoti class blockade runner
Zip class courier drone

May some of these find use in, or just inspire, YTU.
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