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Well...the gaming world has seen a resurgence due to a much lower cost of entry (anyone can generate a PDF and upload it to a variety of online game distributors), the growing popularity of role playing games in general (now it is all cool to play those games with the odd dice - there are even professional dungeon masters, and companies hire them for team building!); and the rise of Kickstarter and other similar sites where it is easy to gauge interest and create games.

Yes, a lot of the newer games do not have the intricacy and complex simulations (I played, and lost, a lot of the old Avalon Hill games. Mind you the games took a few weeks to play at times...). But there is now seeming rise of "bring back the old stuff". OSR RPGs are amazingly popular, old games are being brought back (just got my Triplanetary game - HUGE board! - and looking forward to playing that; and soon The Fantasy Trip will be on KS. Still have my Melee, Advance Melee and Advanced Wizard. Thought I had TFT but either I gave it away, never had it, or lost )

So there are new games that can have the same complexity and simulation level - I recently saw one on KS for some specific battle in the 1700s. Limited and they maxed out on the copies they were developing.

You just have to look - old school games and gaming are available.
Mostly lurking about...CT is still my favorite with T5 as a neat tool box to plunder.

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