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In military briefings you have "Commander's Intent"; in addition to the "what" to do you get the reasoning behind it. Since I'm not in charge of anything I'll settle for "Instigator's Intent".

In atpollard's game there's a space of off-screen time where Lt Cranston and some Dragons, assisted by local LEO, take on an entrenched crime syndicate in house to house fighting through large parts of Oregund. I visualize scenes similar to "A Bridge Too Far" and "Band of Brothers", with some slightly different technology.

The plan is to sketch up the units in Striker terms and play ASL a little. Avalon Hill has decades of conflict simulation experience and Striker gives me detail in the nit and grit. Maybe treat Lt Cranston as a Tiger tank equivalent with her plamsa gun and battledress. Sadly for her, there are civilians in the area of effect so she has to be judicious in her use of high energy.

In the end, between the mix of the games, I'll have ideas for scenes to write and a better understanding of the limits and issues the characters might face. I will likely do something similar when Triplanetary gets here. Ben Webb is thrust into the interstellar scene of mega deals and politics. What all challenges might he have to overcome?
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