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For those curious, I took a look through a friend's PDF copy...

Default Attributes 8-18, point build. Base 10's, plus mods for archetype and race, then 10 more points, to max 18.
Archetypes provide 1 attribute +1 and a 1/6/12/18 level feat chain.
Race provides several attribute mods and feats. Some form of point system to customize them, too.
One of which looks like a form of Jedi-ish magic-using contemplative. Another, the Technomancer, is obviously B-5 kockoff. The Solarian looks like a jedi guardian type semi-paladin.

Hit Points flat score by race and class
Stamina points per level SP by class, modified by Con Bonus.
Stamina takes damage first. Stamina recovers all in a night's sleep, or spend a resolve and recover them all now. HP are 1 per night per level.

Skills work (IIRC) just like Pathfinder - class provides points to spend, class skills get +3 bonus once you start putting points in them.

Gear List fits right in with a 40K theme.

Ships point built.
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