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Originally Posted by Gypsy Knights Games View Post
Altrants. That's the word we use in Clement Sector to describe humans that have been altered to be different than the average baseline humans. In the setting book, we have altrants that have been engineered to better handle low gravity, those created to better handle high gravity, and those created to better handle tainted atmospheres. There is one group of altrants engineered to live underwater.

So...are there other altrants you'd like to see added to Clement Sector? How else do you think humans would be altered?

I'd love to hear your thoughts on this.
You could do something along the lines of Bujold's quaddies from the Vorkosigan saga - humans modified to live in zero-G with feet modified for grasping.

Maybe a failed attempt at super soldiers - how do you raise 2,000,000 genetically engineered killers so they don't either get into trouble and kill loads of civilians off-duty or decide they really want to settle down and raise a family instead of conquering the galaxy?

What about the morality of breeding or engineering a servant race?

Some sort of attempt at super-intelligent ubermenschen - q.v. Khan Noonien Singh from Star Trek, or maybe an attempt at something like a mentat. How might society react to them? What could possibly go wrong?

Trying to engineer for psi-sensitivity. Maybe somebody's campaign BBEG could be a super sensitive or have a sensitive sidekick. Who might do something like this?

Variants on the servant race - stronger, better administrators, better programmers, empathetic counsellors etc. Who might have designed these and why? What do the rest of society think of them?

Clones made for organ harvesting, like on Never Let Me Go. Who might do it, who might condone or sanction it? If your party discovers a clone of a VIP that will pass biometric scans - especially one the original can't legally admit to the existence of - what shenanigans might they get up to?

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