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Default New drive type - the D-drive

For those that follow science, dark matter is the latest thing around. Supposedly, the universe is full of dark matter, and it is everywhere. It is the "missing mass" that makes the universe work the way it does.

IMTU I've created a dark-matter drive. It allows maneuver capability with no limitations on distance from a gravity source - an M-drive without the 1000D limit.

   Drive        TL=  12  13  14  15  16
D  Dark Matter        1   3   5   7   9
At TL-12 it is capable of 1g acceleration, increasing by two gees per TL, to a maximum of 9g's at TL-16. It is essentially a thruster with no exhaust.

It masses two dtons per 100 tons of hull size, or 2 * H / 100 ton, giving 1g acceleration. Multiple that by drive rating to get final displacement. For example, to get 2g acceleration on a Beowulf (200 ton hull) would give a drive size of 8 (rating 2 * 2 * 200 / 100) = 800/100 = 8) tons.

Cost is MCr1 per ton.

Fuel is included in operations fuel, and the drive has a backup Fusion+ module that could power the drive for up to 12 days at 1g acceleration.


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