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An expectant hush falls over the crowd as Arnold and Ignatius Cruddhe take
up their positions. Arnold - the name is thought to be pseudonym - is an
unknown, though rumour hath it that he is a Navy officer, though he fights
with a heavy straight Sword rather than a more traditional "navy" weapon.
Ignatius is all Imperial Army, an RSM of indeterminate age. Neither has
fought in the arena before, but Arnold seems familiar from the competition
(sport) circuit, while Cruddhe seems to be more of a practical fighter. He
is certainly heavier and tougher-looking than Arnold. His stance is
crouched, menacing, where his slender opponent is elegant and poised.

The crowd goes silent. The buzzer sounds.

Cruddhe surges forward, seeking to close with his opponent. Arnold retreats,
his elegant footwork contrasted by the bull-rush of Cruddhe. The RSM surges
in, his left arm raised to grab is opponent but Arnold manages to keep him
from reaching close quarters. Unable to grab, Cruddhe makes a long-range
thrust. Arnold parries in Seconde swatting the attack down and aside but is
unable to bring up his point to riposte.

Still surging forward, Cruddhe draws his arm back for a mighty thrust.
Arnold suddenly stops, lashing a forehand cut at Cruddhe's flank. The crowd
draws a collective breath, expecting blood. They get it! Arnold's slash rips
across Cruddhe's unprotected flank, tearing his white shirt open and
instantly staining it crimson. Cruddhe grimaces in sudden pain, but rams his
blade forward. The thrust slides by Arnold's ribs, deflected just enough by
the cut of a moment before.

Instantly, Arnold is moving back again, seeking distance to use his longer
weapon. Cruddhe readies his blade. Arnold closes the line, ready to parry,
but it is Cruddhe's foot that lashes out, slamming into Arnold's ankle and
sweeping his foot out from under him. Arnold staggers, barely able to keep
his balance. His thrust at Cruddhe goes wild as he hobbles back in obvious

The crowd cheers as cruddhe surges after his limping foe....
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