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Default Heaven & Earth 2 Source Code

Some of you may remember me I'm the guy who wrote World Builder Deluxe, Heaven & Earth and was working on Heaven & Earth 2. Unfortunately, I gave up working on HE2 due the constant interference from real life and I have not been able to undertake any further work on the project and never will.

However, my hard drive contains several folders full of Visual Basic source code for the project and I am prepared to pass it on to another programmer to see if they can take the project through to fruitition.

Anyone who participated in the Beta will know that the Sector Module was very close to completion, as was the Universe Module. Some work had been carried out on the System/World Module, but this was not significantly advanced to warrant a Beta.

If anyone wishes to consider taking this task on please reply to this thread.

Unfortunately, I have not kept any of the builds for WBD or HE1, so please don't ask me for those.


Stuart Ferris
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