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Default Jack of all Trades skill, again

I've occasionally seen threads over the years talking about houserules for JoaT. Apologies if the following idea has already been circulated (especially if it was by me):

JoaT-1 confers skill-0 in each of the service skills in the character's own career.

Further levels of JoaT confer skill 0 in the service skills of 1 other randomly selected career, per level (so JoaT-3 would be 3 careers).

In the unlikely event someone has JoaT>6, you would proceed to the advanced edu rows (own career first, then randomly determined). That (plus the edu 8+ rows) takes care of us up to JoaT-18 which should be enough...

That's it.

Admittedly, this makes JoaT less powerful than in the rules as written (which make JoaT a skill-0 in everything "subject to ref's discretion").

However, this houserule confers an actual benefit for having JoaT>1, which balances the down-shift out to an extent. And anyway, I always felt JoaT in RAW was overpowered.
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