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Originally Posted by Magnus von Thornwood View Post
[Re: starport customs location]
They were put there because airports, tickets get taken at the gates generally so that is why there is Customs & Passport Control at that point.
BUT... much as we may analogize them to airports or seaports, really starports are neither. Customs processing in airports is located where it is to serve a purpose. Likewise, customs processing at starport will be located to serve its purpose, which is to control access across the extrality line between the starport (Imperial jurisdiction) and outside (local jurisdiction). Location shown does not serve that purpose, and increases unnecessary handling of persons going only from one part of the starport to another, and not going Outside.

Why would the starport want to process crewmembers from a parked starship every time they want to go eat at one of the starport restaurants? And then again when they return to their Ship? Excessive processing leads to just waving people through, which leads to sloppy processing in general.

(BTW, location shown on diagram isn't really comparable to customs processing at airports, which for persons tends to be somewhat out of the way so that they can only herd people through that are departing or arriving on a specific international flight. What this diagram shows, apparently covering everyone going to/from the landing fields and berths, is more like TSA security post-9/11, which processes everyone wanting to go to the gate areas, but doesn't check passports or visas.)

Please think about the purpose/function of starport customs and reconsider placement.
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