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Default MgT2.0 Brute 50 ton Heavy Tug

Had this loitering I used it for some weathering practice...gave it a few dings and dents...

I have had this around for a while in rough form waiting for the HighGuard release. So I reworked it and tried a few tricks to create a 50 ton craft that is capable fo lifting 400 tons of cargo while safely maneuvering in an atmosphere. Using and External Cargo Mount makes the craft extremely difficult to pilot in atmosphere so I had to get creative. I purchase a cargo crane capable of lifting 450 tons..just to be safe..and cargo nets. these are externally mounted but I felt it was a good workaround to avoid it being a suicide machine if it had to land cargo.

It uses TL-10 tech so it's limited i acceleration but since i included enough drive tonnage to move a 450-ton ship it won't have any problem generating Thrust one even when it's fully loaded.

It comes equipped with tow cables, grappling arms, cargo net, and a forced linkage system so it can capture objects that aren't quite stable, or out of control.

To make up for being a bit unwieldy it has a holographic bridge to give the pilot a slight edge on is has a crew of two one pilot and one co-pilot who set in control cabins at opposite ends of the craft, there's no walkway through the hull since most of it is taken up by the various bits of hardware. However, both pilots can operate all the ships systems and use the manipulator arms and linkage system from their station.

So what do you think, this ship is a bit gimmicky but it is fairly solid as far as costs, tonnages, and performance....
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