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Originally Posted by Supplement Four View Post
I play it as a non-mastered technology employed by the desperate.
I guess after several TLs of developement it's hard to talk about a non-mastered technology. It appears at TL 9, so my take is that by TL 15 it should be quite mastered, and I agree with the side that tells such a risk would have been forbiden except in dire emergencies (to keep someone from certain death)

Originally Posted by Garyius2003 View Post
Frozen Watch? "Gunner's Mate 2c, we are putting you on the frozen watch. Good news, you have a 60% chance of living to be warmed up." GM2 swings by the arms room, grabs a few grenades and a laser rifle and two packs, kills every single officer at the command before running for Startown to hide.
Fully agreed. Frozen Watch makes little sense when you will only have about 85% of the people you try to revive (assuming they all have good endurance and a decent medic is defreezing them).

Originally Posted by rancke View Post
In my TU there are (at least) three different ways to put someone into low berth.
A: No medical supervision (you get into the berth yourself and press a button).
B: Routine supervision (Competent med-tech spends 10 minutes supervising up to four people at a time).
C: Expert supervision (Medical team in a fully-equipped hospital spends hours putting you into low berth).
Reviving with no significant risk of death1 depends on the way you were put into the low berth.
A: Medical team in a fully-equipped hospital spends hours reviving you.
B: Competent med-tech spends 10 minutes supervising the revival up to four people at a time.
C: Unsupervised revival works fine.
Method C is used for putting people into the frozen watch. Method B is used by starships. Method A is for those emergencies.
1 There IS a small risk of death, but it's far below the granularity of the game rules and firmly into the realm of referee fiat (a.k.a. plot device territory).
IIRC in an article appeared on a Digest (not sure if TD or MTD, but it was for MT, where cold berth is quite more safe) told that for frozen watch more time was devoted to put the crewmembers in cold sleep (cautious task) in order to be able to revive them quickly (hasty task), while emergency low berth used exactly the opposite, they were ready for hasty put people on them, but took more time to revive them safely.

I guess this assumption could be exported to MgT (and other versions) too...
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