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Ah - I was wondering if that is the assumption.

My obvious answer would be no! Of course not! Simply because I cannot assume that they operate by "throwing" something out of the back side similar to Reaction drives.

Also - what are the power requirements for 3 X smalldrives vs 1 X larger drives?

Wait a second - Did I just trapped myself? Does this hold for reaction drives? Quick comparison:

100 dton craft. sX reaction drive = 7 tons. Or, 3 sH drives for 2 tons a piece, yielding Thrust 6, for 6 tons. 1 ton saving. Surprisingly, yielding a bit more of a logical result.

Conclusion: Gravitic drives do not operate in a simple linear format? You can't simply add more "exhausts" therefore adding more thrusts?

I disbelieve that you intelligent gents did not consider this though.. So again I'm sure I missed something.
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