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We've talked about this before, but in the CT OTU, berths must be fully automated with some over-ride control by a paramedic.

Why do I say that? In CT, anybody can revive a person from lowberth. No skill needed. That leads me to believe it's just "PRESS HERE" and let the bed do the rest.

Now, if a person has Med-2 or better, there must be some limited over-ride control when bring a person out of cold sleep (which really isn't "cold", I don't think, but could be, I guess) because of the +1 modifier. Note that the modifier doesn't get any better whether the character is Med-2 or Med-5. It's still only a +1. So, that's why I say limited control over the process, with most of it being automated by the bed.

As I said above, I think (by deduction) that the low berth process has got to be a newer technology. I also think that there has got to be a safer way to do it than what is available to the general public because of the Frozen Watch on starships. I doubt their rate of death is as high as that of low passengers on commercial ships and tramp freighters.
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