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There was one other initiative system that we used for a bit with first edition Star Wars. The combat round played out as I outlined above (first action - no penalty, second action - minus 2D, third action - minus 3D, etc.).

Instead of rolling for initiative, each round, automatically, the person who went first was the one with the highest Perception score--then the next highest, then the next, and so on.

If Perception was tied, the tie was broken by the highest Dexterity score. If still tied, Player Characters won over NPCs, and any tied PCs went simultaneously.

Therefore, there was no rolling, and the combat round was smooth as glass. He round, the GM knew, easily, who's turn it was.

We added to this our own version of Haste (much different than Haste in the book). Any character could challenge the character immediately in front of him. They roll opposed DEX throws. If the challenger won, his place in the initiative count was moved up one place for the rest of the combat. The character could attempt this Haste once per round on his turn (and he can only challenge the character, friend or foe, immediately before him).

Performing Haste was considered an action, and thus, even if the character won the Opposed DEX throw, his next action would be at -2D. So, a player really needed a good reason to want to change his line-up position. (The defender was not penalized an action--only the challenger. I didn't want this turning into a tactic to penalize the guy in front of you.)

So, let's say Roark (PER 3D, DEX 3D+1) ran into two stormtroopers (PER 3D, DEX 1D). The combat would be played out in this order:

First, Roark.
Then, Stormtrooper 1 is simultaneous with Stormtrooper 2.

So, Roark starts to act, but Stormtrooper 2 declares a Haste challenge. We roll opposed DEX throws, 3D +1 vs. 1D. Roark rolls a total of 5. The trooper gets lucky and rolls a 6.

The round becomes
Stromtrooper 2
Stormtrooper 1

On that first round, Stormtrooper 2 will have a -2D penalty associated with his first action (-3D on the second, and so on) because of the Haste attempt. He gets this penalty regardless of whether the Hast challenge was successful. But, the perk is that he has changed the initiative line up for the entire fight (and there are no Haste penalties on later rounds--only in the one where the Haste was performed).
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