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Red face TL:Battleship vs Traveller

i have seen some posts concerning how to deal with different TL's when travelling in the Traveller Universe. i just watched the movie 'Battleship', and there were some good ideas in the movie concerning dealing with different technologies, mainly crew from a modern 2012 warship having to make do with a 1940's era 'Battleship'. one crewman was heard to say something like 'i know how to run a modern ships engines, but steam powered engines are beyond me'.
i think the challenges of different TL's are different based on how different the tech is. the early techs have a lot of differences between the TL's, where the mid and higher TL's are a lot closer to each other.
in the end, unless the gm has a reason to make the TL's a front and center concern for the players, this is something that is usually in the background.
but i bet it could make for some funny situations.

"Captain, this planet doesnt have h2o oceans, the only way off is if i can convert our fusion power plant to a coal burning powerplant, which i don't really understand, but have read about in 'very old' tech manuels."
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