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Originally Posted by Thanos View Post
As I'm new here and still have to think what most of the abbreviations you guys use mean I'm asking this obvious question, what is considered Canon? As stated else where I'll be using the 3I setting. I've read quite a few threads and there seems to be some contention over what's canon not only in the fluff but rules as well. So.... what's canon?
For the literal definition, Shield is right.

For you, Thanos, remember that your definition is "Whatever Thanos wants it to be." Take as much from the source as you want, tweak to suit and you have your own personal canon. (I've rolled up a bit more than a sector; it will have Vargr in it but MY Vargr will be native to another planet and have no Terran genes whatsoever. Oh, and they'll be much less furry.)
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