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Originally Posted by far-trader View Post
Thanks to the development of the bullpup configuration of the weapon, allowing one to essentially design a rifle with the length of a carbine or shorter.

Arguing that the SMG is deprecated by TL ignores the issue that the game (MGT at least in this case) is supposed to be providing a background for any sci-fi game. So if they include early TLs as possible they have to address that. "Losing" the SMG is a mistake and they and the frothing fans should just admit it and move on. Not keep creating new ways to defend the mistake.
Yeah, lotsa luck on that.

IMHO, the failure to include one of the most ubiquitous weapon systems of TL5-8+, and of most versions of Traveller, is another strike against MGT, though a modest one. Especially when one considers the other legitimate criticisms that are available.

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