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Project Update:

So while we are not ready, at this point, to announce firm dates, I wanted to provide a glimpse into our progress.

Our original goal was for a late 2016 or early 2017 Kickstarter, and I can report that we are currently on track to meet those goals.

We have a number of requirements before we can proceed to crowdfunding, and these are, in almost all cases, either already achieved or currently in progress. Art is both our greatest expense and the largest variable in our timeline, and all the cards we're doing pre-launch have either been commissioned or completed.

Our exact pledge levels are still TBD, but we expect something similar to:

1) Nominal Support: These are the $1 or $5 rewards most campaigns include. In case you're wondering why people might pledge at these amounts, aside from wanting to help out, is to receive backer-only updates and for the ability to purchase add ons.

2) Basic Support: We intend two levels of basic support. A cheaper level for a single ship deck, and another level for a two-player Starter Set. This will come with two decks, a rule book, and tokens.

3) Premium Support: For those with a little more to spend, we intend to have some premium levels with items like Collector's Edition Starter Sets and design-a-card and/or vanity art cards.
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