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1. Name: Card name. Right now names are just meaningless placeholders.
2. Indicates the card is an action A!, and that the Crew has to Exert (E) to play the Heroic.
3. Traits: Traits are descriptors that lack any inherent function, but may be referenced by other cards. For instance, there is a Noble trait, and there may be cards that specifically affect cards with that trait.
4. Trained Ability: What the Heroic does at the Trained level.
5. Expert Ability: What the Heroic does at the Expert level.
6. Cost: Cost to play the card.
7. Expense Value (EV): How much cost the card will cover, when it is played to resolve a Cost rather than as a Heroic Ability.

Since we talked a little about Crew, I figured this was a perfect chance to follow up with a card type connected to skills: Heroic Actions.

Heroic Actions are abilities available to Crew with the require skill. Each heroic has two effects, one for the Trained level and another for Expert. Sometimes the Expert level is simply an improved version of the Trained effect. Other times, it will be an entirely different ability. A Trained Crew can only play the Trained level, but an Expert Crew can choose between either level.

I've included an image of a playtest Heroic Action card. You'll note our playtest cards don't have any art assets, or even templating. Template design is actually underway currently. Many of the elements on the cards currently represented by text (for instance, the Crew Skill Medical) will, in the final version, have a pictorial/icon display instead.
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