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It is! Though it was one where non-Traveller obligations had delayed me. This week, rather than post another art asset (we only intend to have around six completed cards for the Kickstarter, and I don't want to show them all too early!), I'd like to detail one of the types of cards that will appear in the game.

Concept: Crew

In the Traveller Card Game, players assume the role of the Captain of a small (sub 1000 dtons) vessel. And, of course, every Captain needs a crew.

In our game, Crew are a category of permanent that provide abilities and Crew Skills to aid the player in overcoming obstacles and completing Contracts.

Abilities are generally short-term, activated effects. For instance, they may allow you to draw more cards, or affect opposing crew.

Crew Skills represent learned proficiencies useful (or necessary) to a small merchant Captain. In the Traveller Card Game, Crew Skills come in two levels; Trained and Expert. Because card games necessarily involve more abstraction than RPGs, we have reduced the universe of skills available to ten.

Crew Skill: Traveller RPG skills represented (not exhaustive)

Admin: Administration, Bureaucracy, Law, etc

Combat: Includes guns, small arms, martial arts, Battle Dress, etc

Jack-of-all-Trades: Allows the crew to simulate having any skill, but at reduced functionality.

Mechanical: Machinist, Mechanic, Electrician, etc

Medical: Physical and mental health disciplines

Psionic: Telekinesis, Telepathy, Teleportation, etc

Science: Hard sciences, social sciences, humanities, etc

Social: Barter, Carousing, Leadership, Steward, etc

Starship Operations: Pilot, Gunnery, Screens etc

Underworld: Forgery, Stealth, Streetwise, etc
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