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Default Computers are very literal

Originally Posted by whulorigan View Post
Support Crew would normally be mechanics, technicians, and/or engineers.
If I was just running a game, all this would be easy. :-) As described earlier in the thread I'm writing software for the ruleset. And software is very literal. If the code is going to enforce the Support Crew rule I need to be able to map that back to a defined crew allotment.

It might make sense to add to the ruleset a "Technician" crew role with a required "Repair-1" skill.

Originally Posted by whulorigan View Post
Air/Rafts and ATVs are not "Small Craft", as they are not spaceships.
As above, I know what they are and why they don't need a pilot. I'm looking for a distinction in the game definition I can use so my software knows. I guess I can tag it "unmanned" like I do for drones.

(FYI: for the software all these ship components are being defined in a big JSON file. That's probably the most re-usable part of what I'm doing, if anyone else is looking at any software projects around Cepheus Light.)
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