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Default Ratte II, IISS Waystation, Franklin Down Starport, Efate (275-1106)

[One thing I wasn't completely clear on your wonderful landing sequence, Lora would have come to a stop on an exterior landing pad, then gotten her berth assignment (berths are enclosed hangar space with roof, hookups, some winches and such to assist with repairs) , then hover over on M-drive ground-effect into the berth. No problem, we can interpret that from what you wrote, just wanted to be clear so we don't have misunderstanding later.]

[After Lora gets a Library Data update for Efate (Cr10 by comm from Traffic Control), you can reference the Efate TML Landgrab as additional Library Data for current political situation, etc. (Please don't read the Trivia link, as I may want to use some of that.)]

"Traffic Control to Ratte II, we'll send ground crew right over; do you want to do refueling and waste removal now, or just basic power hookup?"
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