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Originally Posted by aramis View Post
He pulls out a typewritten letter, signs it, blots the ink, hands it to you. It's a letter of recommendation and assignment. A pair of purchase orders are with it, and he fills out a couple details, then hands it over, too, ink still wet.

"Jolly. Thought you might. Give your curriculum as well, and get it to Southampton. Here, get a ticket to Southampton, take the weekend. Be in Tuesday with a couple new photos of the director's house for stock."

"And have fun, Davey."

The PO's cover a ticket, and a fleabag flophouse near the director's house.
"Will do, boss. You want me to get photos of the director's house before we lift for Venus, right?"

After this little question's cleared up, Davey gets on the train and does some research to locate the director's house. He goes to the flophouse and has some sleep - can't photograph without a good night's sleep, or rather, since it's the evening and the light is bad, doesn't want to.
The next morning he goes over to have his interview, and asks to take several photos of the house and Major Fellows for The Cornishman.
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