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Yes, the amount a hired broker gets is based on the purchase or sale price. The percentage the broker gets of the purchase or sale price is based on the brokers ability (or effort?).

The combination of these and other factors and even a random dice roll determine the final amount the broker gets. In other words the amount they are payed is determined at the end of the transaction and is partially based on their results (DM).

- Cargo normally is purchased for 100,000cr
- No DMs other than broker
- Roll will be a 10 which is fairly average for 3d6 and with no DMs would be 100%

Option 1
Broker has a +2 DM and tries his best.
100,000cr x 90% = purchase price of 90,000
90,000 x 2% = 1800cr for the broker

Option 2
Broker has a +2 DM but is stupid and thinks that he will get more by not working the price down so only works at a +1DM.
100,000cr x 95% = purchase price of 95,000
95,000cr x 1% = 950cr for the broker

The broker and the characters do not sit down and discuss the mechanics of this calculation. The end result determines the amount the broker is due and the calculation is for the GM to calculate the amount owed, and I believe it works. I would just leave things as is.

My thoughts on brokers being broken is: Why would people (PCs or NPCs) with broker skills hire on to a free trader for a typical salary or small cut of profits when they can make an excellent income as a broker?
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