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This project has me very excited. After my first read-through, I have some questions:

First a comment - please don't forget to put animal mass (kg) on the creatures. Also, animal movement rates should be addressed. Using CT's "how many times faster than a human" should be fine. Really, all we need to know is if the creature can outrun us.


What benefit does Aimed Fire give? I saw a reference to a to-hit bonus, but couldn't find that bonus anywhere.

Also, damage is a confusing blend of CT and MgT at the moment. As written, it's not clear to me how you are meant to apply single dice of damage after using armor and weapon bonuses to modify the total damage.

If I may be so bold, I'd like to suggest:

Aimed Fire applies the TOTAL of the roll to a single stat, spilling other points over to the next stat, etc. The target gets to pick the stat(s) involved.

Snap Fire applies each die to the stat of the target's choice (as written), but any armor or weapon bonus is allocated to those dice by the target.

For example, rolling 3D+3 to get <3,4,5> and hitting Armor-4. First, the +3 reduces the armor to -1. Then, the player get to choose WHICH dice gets the -1. So the player might choose <2,4,5> or <3,4,4>, depending on how they plan to spread their damage.

Had that shot been an aimed shot, the total points minus armor (11) would come off ONE stat of the player's choice, probably the highest one. Any left over points would go somewhere else.

I think this gives a big advantage to aimed fire to help counteract the big disadvantage of shooting last and being interruptible. Snapshots will probably not kill anyone, but will wear them down. Of course, snap shots with automatic weapons can still throw enough damage that the target could easily wind up shredded if they're not armored enough, but that's not a bad result.
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