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Talking Alien/Aliens (Scott/Cameron) in Traveller.

Greetings Travellers!

I implemented the friendly xenos in an adventure. I ran it with several sound samples such as no soundtrack but background air ventilation, the fx of doors opening, and the motion tracker.

After of course the Travellers find one...then we add the xeno screech and the pulse rifle.

Stat-wise to keep work at a minimum I re-skin existing content.

Chamax for base xeno stats. (classic double adventure The Chamax Plague if you are wondering) The 10 pt* threshold really mimics the 'small arms don't work like crap' against them.
M41A Pulse Rifle is a re-skinned ACR with the RAM GL a 4-round magazine instead of single inline and 40 round mags instead of 20.
Standard armor for a Marine is sadly cloth. Which won't last long against a xeno.
Of course the M577 APC is a re-skinned AFV.

Face-huggers would basically small, fast, stealthy with a thrasher + special (egg) attack.

But I did have a question.: I came across an old forum post that indicated that JTAS actually statted up a xeno. However they didn't say which one. Anyone?

I was also curious how did other folks implement these friendly neighborhood aliens?


*Yes I know it's 12...but I wanted to give the PCs a chance If it's a gun bunny party then I up it.
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Looking for group. Virtual tabletop (Roll20), mix of classic and Mongoose with house rules.
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