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Default Decision at Yedab

We've posted three ships for Squadron Strike: Traveller and the scenario "Decision at Yedab" on our Patreon: You need to be a Patron to download the files, which costs only $5 a month (and helps Ken Burnside generate all kinds of spaceship gaming content!).

For more about Patreon, see our TMP post here:
On 040-1107 in Yebab (3002 Spinward Marches) Consulate forces were faced with a terrible choice. The 145th Cruiser Division (CruDiv) had caught bigger game than they were expecting. They were the heavy element of a sweep into the Aramis subsector; lighter forces were covering other worlds. Yebab is a natural staging point for attacks on the Imperial base complex along the Xboat route to trailing. Attacks from this system would threaten the defenses of the entire subsector with its two high population worlds and numerous potential colonies. Yebab is also part of the Jump-4 route to the sector capital, making it an important system for redeploying forces parallel to the frontier.
It was a Plankwell-class dreadnought, the Admiral Soegz, that interrupted the Zhodani raiding party. The Soegz was being deployed to Regina and took a route through Yebab. The orders to proceed with active hostilities had not yet been unsealed, but even so the cruiser captains debated the potential of an attack. After analyzing their current orders and rules of engagement, the Consulate commanders reached a consensus that the information gathered about Imperial capital ship movements and the provocation already given had fulfilled their objectives in the system.
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