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Originally Posted by samuelvss View Post
Make that for the indefinite future. (As before) use Henry as you see fit. RL has far too much in it, so I must dial back on my diversions!

Badger, thanks for putting together a great campaign!

Luck and good health to you all.
Sam, I understand completely, and hope things get under control soon. Henry is yours whenever you want.

For the rest of y'all still playing, you may have noticed I have not been on as much the past week, as I have been either sitting at my Mom's hospital bedside or running errands or driving back and forth between home and St Louis. I try to check in at least once/day as both hospital and hotel have WiFi, but I'm not really thinking of new stuff to push the action along unless y'all do something that I can respond to.

I have several hooks prepared for once you get to Nexus, depending on what sorts of actions you choose to take as looking for rumors, patrons, new cargo, whatever. Then it will be up to y'all what sounds interesting that you want to follow up on.

As for the remaining time in Jump, I'm just watching for any work on the ship on Max's list, or any social interaction w NPCs that I need to respond to. Dave, if Doc is interested in getting to know Nero and Marisa better, I'm sure they'd both be interested in killing time w some card games (friendly, not for real money), and I had an idea that Nero could offer to teach Doc a new game that is the current In Thing on Devonia, so whatever you want to do as far as that goes. (Anybody else interested could also sit in on those games as well.)

If y'all aren't interested in playing through Jump and just want to exit in Nexus and get started on that stuff, just tell me and we will figure up if all the work got done or if some is still left to do, then do the Jump Exit at Nexus and go on from there.
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