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Originally Posted by BytePro View Post
Heat?... handwave that away (pun intended) - what inquiring minds want to know - Where did all the hydrogen go!

Fusion changes it, but doesn't make all that matter go away!

(Guess the ships could be trailing a lot of Helium...)
I think we can take your two questions and make an answer: the helium is superheated with the waste heat and ejected from the ship. And at least on Navy ships it *has* to be ejected because the Navy is much to dignified to have its officers speak with high squeaky voices.

Now, if I had a sense of humor, which I don't, I would suggest something like the following:

The helium is fused all the way up to iron, which is used by the ship's robots to make the ship larger. When it gets large enough, the ship's robots make Type S ships and toss them to the Scouts.

See, isn't it better that I don't have a sense of humor?
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