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Default So, who actually builds corsairs?

Imperial Inspector: "So, you're saying Mr. Samiibukun, that Tukera Lines buiilds these... what was their designation... "Type P Economy Liners", purely as trade and drayage vessels?"

Executive: "That's correct. A good, dependable ship at an excellent price has always been the firm's trademark."

Imperial Inspector: "Uh huh. And these three triple turrets..."

Executive: "Purely for defensive purposes of course. One can't be too careful in these trying times. We also sell an excellent line of sandcaster."

Imperial Inspector: "Of course. And these retractable fins also serve this purpose?"

Executive: "Simply a convenience for our buyers who wish to customize their lines without paying for expensive and unnecessary cosmetic reconfiguration."

Imperial Inspector: "Quite. And I assume that the ship's ability to modify it's communications traffic and ident codes are also merely features to customize..."

Executive: "Dear me! Look there! Someone seems to have dropped 20MCr on the floor! Who could have done such a foolish thing? Perhaps if I go find a maintenance man..."

Imperial Inspector: "No need for that Mr. Samiibukun, no need for that. Well, I'll be going now, and I'm happy to report that Tukera Lines has passed inspection yet again with flying colors. Oh, before I do go, just a word of advice. You might want to paint out that Jolly Roger on the "Type P Economy Liner". Future inspectors might get the wrong idea..."


Well, it has to go something like that. How else could the Corsair be a standard design? And who but a Megacorp could build them?
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