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Originally Posted by Thanos View Post
Is that standard mess? I thought they only dressed for dinner and not lunch unless a formal occasion?

And... my goodness you boys were busy little bees last night!

Also how discernible is the ruckus out on the pitch? Would anyone in the house hear it?
Not hear it over the cricket game. But when Smithers comes running in...

Remember: The major's bowling.
Etien is just finishing eating.
McBean was at the house, as was McPhee.

Charley was on his way to watch the match... and got diverted.

And Mess Dress is for dinner - but I include it since the 1870's are apparently when most sergeant's messes adopted Mess Dress as a more casual uniform than parade dress (which is worn for specific state dinners).

The Formality level as I understand it for the 1880's
  • Ceremonial Dress
  • Mess Dress (Red/Blue or Tropical White)
  • Parade Dress Red/Blue (medals, etc)
  • Service Dress Red/Blue (no medals, and ribbons not standard at this time)
  • Service Dress Khaki
  • Service Dress Tropical
  • Barracks Uniform (just being introduced in some regiments)
  • Work Coveralls (just being introduced)
  • Undress red/blue
  • undress khaki or tropical

The standard is a white shirt, blue-black trousers, red or blue coat, white sam brown, black boots, and a black or white helmet.

Khaki is same cut, but trousers and coat are UK khaki (which is a brownish green, and fades to tan). (US khaki is much more tan.) (The modern khaki fold-down is an evolution.

Parade uniform includes all your awards.
Service, at this time, doesn't.

Barracks is shirt and a waistcoat or sweater. Rank on the sweater. Not used in most regiments yet.

Undress is just the shirt and trousers. You don't get seen in this outside of duty hours... Also note: the collar is upright,

Tropical may be shorts and knee-socks, or may be trousers. (I've seen photos of both.)

Scots may substitute kilts for trousers in all cases, and must for cerimonial and home parade. Some individuals had trousers; some units fielded in trousers.

Note that all the jackets may be turned down to the second button, and will then look vaguely like modern pattern, but doing so when not actively working is discouraged.
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