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Originally Posted by Baron Saarthuran View Post
Like the tower a lot, but from a defense purchasing standpoint, I'd want a smaller one fore or aft of it For electronic warfare, and have that main one have a ventral duplicate on the bottom of the ship, as a backup.
The tower was something I got from US navy ships today that seem to use sensor towers, like in an earlier pic in this thread.

The large dome atop the tower is a DEWA, distant early warning array, and there is an identical dome on the underside. It had to be elevated to see over the center engine.

I revamped the ship a little and replaced the smaller domes with hexagonal scanner arrays, I may need to post some updated pics here.

The big domes on top and bottom are DEWAs which trade resolution and finesse for range and wide coverage. They're damn good at telling you there's something out there a long way off, but lack fine resolution. They also cover huge areas. The smaller domes (Hexagonal arrays now) are limited field of view, high resolution systems meant to focus a very narrow field of view onto blips the DEWAs pick up to give detail.

I redid the underside, it's meant to be modular and I was using a "long gun" module. The standard module has another turret on it. Other modules would include extra torpedo tubes, a massive long range scanner array to make the ship into a scout, etc.

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