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Closer to a Traveller theme...

A Near Space Campaign (years leading up to 2100) lots of international rivalry to create the Jump Drive to take mankind to the Stars and a conspiracy at the root of it all. A type of X files with aging geratric nazis running around in a spycraft/Moonraker world to aid or help mankind reach the stars.

A series that could be grafted onto the Ancient milieux, Marc has indicated that this would be akin to Lensmen

A cyberpunk 2020 milieu but set on multiple worlds.

Noble Houses, a feudal setting that would take the history of France or Japan and put it into the distant future or simply be a sourcebook on the rise and fall on not English feudalism.

Red Dawn, what if the Soviets won the Cold War by exhuasting American military spending & putting a Man on the Moon first and persuaded much of Western Europe to join a bloc non-aligned with Eurocommunism even taking root in the Russian heartland making Perestroika & the Prague Spring a success. The Soviets being the power in space and the rest of the world relaying on their own initiatives to take back the skies.

Nazi Dawn, similar to above but what if V4 rockets bombed New York City, Washington DC, Montreal, Ottawa in 1944 forcing an American surrender.

The worlds that Elizabeth Moon has created...although, I like her writing I cannot see an RPG in it.

Blue Planet Expanded Universe - surely the wormhole must go further than Earth & Pseodion
As long as there are stars in the sky and dreams about the universe, as long as there are chronicles of high adventure to recount, there will always be Traveller.

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