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I just got a message from Marc that I would be involved in the Striker Project.

I have one contact at Mongoose that I got while at Historicon... I am going to try and see if I can get any more info from him over the next year.

If their version of Traveller is going to be based upon CT, then I would hope that their version of Striker would be based upon CT-Striker. The skirmish game could probably be based (somewhat) upon BFE, but loosing the comand/control system of Striker would be a huige mistake (IMO), while the original writing of the game was fairly hard to understand, it is actually quite simple in its actual execution.

I have, for the last three years, been working on a revision of CT-Stiker, and have managed to produce something where the concepts are much more easily understood (It is not organized nearly so dry and "Manual" like as the original, and if I could find myself an illustrator who was decent, it would be pretty easy to add illustrations to make the rules even clearer)
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