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AHL Technical Manual says that each deck is 4.5 meters high, except for the Hanger Decks, which are each 18 meters high.
In the Rules Booklet you can find the costs (as AP)to call the lift, and move into it and the lift doors don't open or close until the start of the next Action Phase but ... the Rules Booklet doesn't say how long it takes a lift to move from one level to another!

Asking this question to 2 different people on BGG I received these answers:

1) "I rule that the lift moves one level per Action Phase (4 Action phases for the Hangar since it is 4 times higher that a normal deck"

2) "we play that it's twice as fast as climbing (Characters can go up or down ladders at a rate of 1 meter per complete action phase, which gives us a cost of 6 AP per meter), so 3 AP per meter, giving a cost of 14 AP per normal deck (rounded up--this is two full action phases + two AP in the third action phase) or 56 AP for the hangar bay (almost 2 full turns)"

I'd like to know how have you solved the problem regarding how long it takes a lift to move from one level to another.


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