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Post Anfutsag-0527 pt. 2

“The Vargriform logs are repetitious through the journey Coreward. There is no record of the phenomenon. The journey continued until…”

>Timestamp 091-1114, Local time unconfirmed
>Engineer: JumpDrive offline/cooldown, ManeuverDrive online, Maneuvers - Green
>SensOp: Precipitation “Angfutsag-0428” (Anfutsag 0428)
>Navigation: course to Mainworld X775000-0
>Helm: Confirm piloting to Mainworld X775000-0
>Timestamp 092-1114, Local time unconfirmed
>Navigation: Commence FuelIntakeOps/PlanetIntakeOps
>Helm: Commence ReentryOps, 1.1G
>SensOp: Weather Pattern – nominal, 50% hydrosphere detected, large water body to Navigation
>Engineering: Reentry Status – Zero damage
>Navigation: course to LandingZone
>Helm: Piloting to LandingZone
>Helm: LandingGears – online
>Helm: Touchdown
>Engineering: ManeuverDrive –offline
>Engineering: Begin FuelIntakeOps
>Engineering: EngineerVargriforms exiting
>Engineering: EngineerVargriforms FuelIntake – online, FuelProcessor – online, commence refuel
>SensOp: Warning! Proximeter alert – local fauna detected, threat vector to Turret #2
>Turret #2: Turret #2 online, weapons charging
>Engineering: Fuel .3
>Navigation: Fire Alpha/WarningShot
>Turret #2: Alpha/WarningShot confirm, recharging Laser 1
>SensOp: Proximeter alert – local fauna retreat, Zero threat
>Engineering: Fuel .6
>Engineering: Fuel .9
>SensOp: Warning! Proximeter alert – local fauna detected, threat vectors to Turret #2, Turret #4
>Navigation: Fire Delta/SuppressBarrage
>Turret #2: Delta/SupressBarrage confirmed
>Turret #4: Delta/SupressBarrage confirmed
>Engineering: Fuel 1.0, EngineeringVargriforms FuelIntakeOps complete, EngineeringVargriforms returned
>SensOp: Proximeter alert – local fauna halt, .5 threat
>Navigation: EvadeLift commence
>Engineering: ManeuverDrive – online, EvadeLift - Green
>Helm: EvadeLift confirm, acceleration 2G
>Navigation: course Orbit, course Jump Point
>Helm: Piloting to Orbit
>Helm: Piloting to Jump Point
>Navigation: Astrogation calculating for “Angfutsag-0527” (Angfutsag 0527), JumpTape 9 – Green, online
>Timestamp: 094-1114, Local time unconfirmed
>Navigation: Astrogation calculations complete, NavComp – Green, confirmed jump coordinates, Jump on command
>Helm: Jump point arrival confirm
>Engineering: ManeuverDrive – offline, JumpDrive – online
>Navigation: Jump Window – Green
>Engineer: JumpDrive engage
>Navigation: Jump confirmed, Jump Duration – 167 +/- 3 hours, Vargriforms HobbySkill commence
>Timstamp: 111-1114, Local time unconfirmed
>Engineer: JumpDrive offline/cooldown, ManeuverDrive online, Maneuvers - Green
>SensOp: Precipitation “Angfutsag-0527” (Angfutsag 0527) confirm
>Navigation: Commence GasGiantSkimOps, course GasGiant 1
>Helm: Piloting to GasGiant 1
>Timestamp 115-1114, Local time unconfirmed
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