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Default T51:1889 IC Game 01: Washington, DC

Greetings all. SpaceBadger's merchant character will be soon making a presentation to the Secretary of the Navy regarding possible trade goods for use with the Martians for liftwood. All PC will meet in Washington, D.C. prior to departure, so you can work out details as to who is doing what. I will be posting information regarding caravan travel on the Precis site. Continue to watch for News Flashes prior to leaving and when you get to Mars. The US Trading Community publishes its own Newsletter.

Note, if you look at the map in Conklin's Atlas of the Worlds on the Dead Canal route from Thymiamata to Oxia, you will notice highlands with High Martians on BOTH sides. They have been known to visit caravans looking for goodies. You will have a couple of wagons, pulled by ruumet breehrs, so not exactly light ones either, full of goodies. Hill Martians have also been known to visit caravans looking to see what is not thoroughly nailed down. (If they can pry it up, it is not nailed down.)

Your party will need to determine if they are going to carry most or all of their food with them on the caravan. Remember, Martian food is renown for its spiciness. You have been warned. Hunting will be possible, if you are nice to the caravan master.

One other comment, you might want to pay some attention to your fellow passengers on the USEF Columbia.
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