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I'm going to arrange my lists a bit differently, based on what I would like to run at the FLGS.

Games I'd run with an hour of prep time:

GURPS 3E: My go-to system for over 25 years. My favored campaigns involved: repeating firearms, magic, horror and weird science. I'd have to go with pregenerated characters, though, since even for experienced players character creation can eat up a lot of the 3-4 hours I would have.

Fudge: Ran only once, but very simple mechanics. I'd use it for the same sort of campaign I use GURPS for. Players should have time to create their own characters. Only limiting factor is coming up with a easy-to-use magic system for new players.

Star Wars D6 1e: Virtually everyone knows the setting, easy to create characters, simple rules. Probably my second most run game since it first came out.

Games I'd run with about a week of prep time:

Mongoose Traveller 1e: Never run, but I have read the rules many times. I would not use the 3I setting, though.

Call of Cthulhu 5.5: Familiar with BRP (was a Stormbringer player back in the day), know the Mythos, easy system.

Torg Eternity: Newest game in my collection, never run. The difficulty is not the mechanics but knowing enough of the rules and setting to run a coherent adventure.

Talislanta 2E: The closest I will come to running D&D. My main problem is I am unsure of how difference races fill different niches.
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