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Originally Posted by Blue Ghost View Post
After a few months of that, over crowded servers, people literally waiting in line to kill some monster talk about population bombs. Ideally you're the adventurer who goes around saving the good people of Norrath, but everyone was a "hero". No farmers, no trades people, no regular NPCs, or very few. It was like going to Six-Flags where pre-teens could run amok without parental supervision, even though the EULA flatly stated you needed to be 18+ or older to open an account and "play". I never did an MMORPG after that.

And to be clear, it was not a game. It was a giant on line theme park that pretended to be a game. But there was no puzzle solving, the quests were dim witted and lame, and with 2700 heros running around the same patch of virtual real estate . I just couldn't take it anymore, and permanently closed my account.

Other game I played had instances of hacking, rude behavior and the like, but it was sporadic, and you could deal with those people. But SONY really bilked the customers for that experience. An interesting concept, but either the developers didn't know what an RPG was, or they deliberately made it vapid so people would keep spending a monthly fee to stay online. I never got a sense that I was on an important quest, and the juvenile behavior was also among older well educated adults who wanted an "adult" fantasy land, so to speak. So.

I'm not sure what else to say about it, other than I'll stick with shooters and RTSes for the time being.

p.s. it truly was the absolute worst online gaming experience I've ever had, and this comes from a man who played the original Star Trek game coded for University Computers back in the early 70s. From Calico to Atari to Insurgency Sandstorm, and everything between 1970 up to a few minutes ago, Everquest was, by virtue of the company you found online, was the worst I have ever interacted with.
Well, maybe we should define what's a game, before saying MMORPGs ae not...

I guess we, old hands, use to like more the face to face gaming, as we use to like more the face to face relations tan online ones, but that just shows we (at lest myself) are a little "out of date", and so not the target for those games...

But ,aain, this only shows they are not my (or your) cup of tea, not that they are not games. As long as people play them for a ludic experience, I'd call them games.

Of course they are also busines, as any game is, and the goal of the company is making money, as most (if not all) commercia lcompanies, but they do so in a game. The fact you or me like it or not is irrlevant, as we ma yjust have other tastes tan those playing them, but saying they are not games is insulting for those that play them, and will no longer be accepted.
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