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Yeah, it is sometimes tough to get a game going when your players aren't interested.

Most of my early gaming was either AD&D 1E or 2E. That's always been the favorite for my group.

As I got older, I was able to switch them to a few games. We played a lot of Classic Traveller, of MegaTraveller, and T4.

We played a butt-load of WEG D6 Star Wars...lots of 2E R&E, but my taste has reverted to 1E these days.

I never played as much Bond as I would have liked, not as much TSSI.

But, Star Trek was a damn hard game to get people to play. And, sometimes when they did play, they wanted to play it like D&D....Starfleet officers never acted the way these players would act.

In order to play a great game of Star Trek, players need to be in the mood for Trek. All of my players liked Trek and watched it, but they had little interest in playing a Kirk type or a Spock type.

So....I never played near as much Trek as I wanted...and I really wanted to play more.
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