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Originally Posted by mike wightman View Post
That is incredibly helpful, thank you.

My main issue running it at the moment is when to up the difficulty or when to increase the dice.

Ways to set difficulty in Star Wars
  • Combat non-attack Actions - by table entry
  • Combat attacks - by range and weapon type
    • Melee is 2 at Engaged, and when allowed at Close
    • Ranged Light Engaged 2, Short 1, Med 2, Long 3, extreme 4
    • Ranged Heavy Engaged 3, Short 1, Med 2, Long 3, extreme 4
    • Autofire +1
    • Two Weapon +1
    • Evading/erratic maneuvers: purple to red for each of target and attacker using them
    • Stay-on-target: Red to purple (or –1 purple if no reds) for each doing them.
    • Target has Adversary Upgrade red to purple.
  • Opposed: trade yellows for reds, greens for purples, and blues for blacks.
  • General: pick the level of skill you think should have a 50-50 chance, that's the purples; if it's liable to have major side effects, convert 1-3 to reds.

Reds don't majorly impact the odds, but do increase the potential side effects.
0 red - relatively safe
1 red - chance of a despair 1/12
2 red - significant chance of a despair 1 in 6
3 red - chance of a despair 1/4
4 red - chance of despair 2/7
5 red - chance of despair about 3/8, significant chance of double
6 red - chance of despair about 2/5, significant chance of a double

Adding a purple is pretty much only done when using autofire, multiple weapons, or upgrading past all reds.

Anything external to the acting character and the target of the action is blue or black. Cover adds a black. concealment adds a black or two. Distractions add a black or two. Terrain and weather penalties add blacks.

Tools above what is needed add blue, lacking needed tools adds a black or more.

Help adds a blue. Suggested not to allow more than 1 helper in the rules; I suggest that it be limited to skilled helpers most of the time, and be limited by the leadership skill of the person receiving the help as to number of helpers.

Note that the two weapon rule can be mangled slightly into a two action rule...
take the higher difficulty, add 1, and if success, one of the swo succeeds, and two advantage are needed to do the second, both get full benefit of all rolled successes.

Note also: Gunnery difficulties are different between the two games (Genesys vs SW).
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