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Originally Posted by coliver988 View Post
I can also see a much higher education lending itself to accepting that we don't know nearly as much as we think we do (something we also learn as we grow older: I realize I don't know nearly as much as I thought I did at 18 [having an 18 year old son is reminding me of this, and damn, my parents were right after all]). So a really high education may open you up to even more possibilities.

Same for social: rich people are not crazy, they are eccentric....(quote from Smallville but I am sure from other places as well). At some point, you are rich enough that you want to stick out.

Just throwing that out there as an alternative for some limits. I know that with my 2nd degree I realized the universe was so much larger than it was with the 1st degree (and I suppose it is a good thing I dropped out from getting the 3rd one....I would have realized I know nothing at that point!)

And this would possibly veer into political: maybe factor in social media and its echo chambers....the character could "believe" because all their social contacts/trolls promote the idea....(and now backing away from that landmine)
The sector is based to a degree on the writings of Andre Norton, especially with respect to the psi ability and magic ability. With respect to the psi ability, in Norton's books, the persons with that ability are not the educated or wealthy or one of high social standing, but much more of the dispossessed, living by their wits in what Norton called "the Dipple", a ghetto for displaced persons, orphans, and those without family. Then you have Travis Fox, an Apache, and Hosteen Storm, a Navajo, both American Indians with a closer tie to nature than the common person.

As I see it, the characters with high education, or high social standing either from wealth or family ties, are going to have to do it the old-fashioned way, and earn it, rather than having added benefits on top of what they have.

As for Medic Tau, of the "Solar Queen", I am not sure exactly how to characterize what he does in Voodoo Planet. He is one of the Free Traders, temperamentally not suited to working for a large mega-corporation. Whatever he used was quite effective and lethal.

Originally Posted by AnotherDilbert View Post
This leads to something like half the characters having PSI. A bit much?
As I indicated in the post, this is a draft of a work-in-progress. The idea is to get comments and evaluate them. If this system gives too high a proportion of psi-talented characters, then I figure out another way to do it. My dice rolling is not the greatest, so the more rolling dice to check my ideas, the better.

Also, the psi talents are going to be a bit different than the standard rules.

I am still working on how to limit the magic talent.
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