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One thing that I am going to have to figure out, or develop a new system, is the Armor factor given for the vehicles on page 79.

What I assume is an ocean-going steamship is listed with an armor of 2, hull of 40, and structure of 40. A Biplane is listed with an armor of 2, hull of 1, and structure of 1. A Ground Car has an armor rating of 6, hull of 3, and structure of 2. A Motor Boat has an armor rating of 3, hull rating of 16, and structure rating of 17. A Submersible has an armor rating of 3, a hull rating of 85, and a structure rating of 85.

Now, a Tech Level 4 Ocean-Going Steamship is going to have a hull of either wrought iron or mild steel with a thickness of between 20 and 40 pounds of plating per square foot, equating to between one-half inch and one inch in thickness.

A Biplane is going to have a fuselage covered with either doped aircraft fabric, thin plywood, or very thin aluminum plating.

A Ground Car of Tech Level 5 might have a combined skin thickness on doors and body of 3 millimeters of mild steel plate.

A Motor Boat, such as a PT boat in World War 2, will likely have a hull of one-half inch marine plywood laid in double thickness, with waterproof canvas in-between the two thicknesses.

A Tech Level 6 Submersible is likely to have a hull of between 35 pound and 40 pounds vanadium alloy steel or HY-65 steel, roughly 40 percent stronger than mild steel. That would be the minimum, as the hull thickness would depend on the operational depth desired. Those thicknesses would equal a crush depth of around 900 feet minimum, and an operational depth of 450 feet. Actual crush depth would depend on the diameter of the hull.

Have I lost you with a dazed look in your eyes as yet?

I am not sure where the initial armor rating came from, but they do not reflect in any way reasonable figures. I have a feeling that I am going to simply impose an armor system on the rules, and give representative vehicles with actual armor ratings, and add a bunch of actual penetration by various weapons. I will try to make things clear enough so as to allow players to convert other actual vehicles, aircraft, and ships to my system for Cepheus Engine. Ships will include sailing ships, and also oared ships. I just have to figure out what is likely to be used on planets in my sector. I suspect that my planetary populations are going to be increased on some planets, especially the very wet ones. Such is life. I have been down this road before when modifying other game rules.
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