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Originally Posted by Spenser TR View Post
As a Ref or player, how do you feel about the above quote?
I think that some newer players might have a problem with that quote. But, while I'm not really an MGT player, I think the quote is spot on. Old school. Strong Referee. Make a rule and go.

If you have to, make a note, and fix it between games. Next time, maybe you've got a more thought out, better rule. Maybe you understand the rule as written better. But, you didn't bog down the game with such stuff. Leave that pondering for your Monday morning commute.

I always explain something to that effect to new players who join my group. They usually understand and agree.

I tend to default to RAW, too. I'm more likely to say, "Let's go with what's written, and I'll flag this as something to investigate between games."
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